How does Quick-fix mobile work?

Quick-fix mobile offers two services either Iphone or Ipad repairs We offer a Mail In Service for all your repair requirements and needs.

Our Mail In service is the most convenient solution to get your phone or tablet repaired. You simply mailĀ­in your device to our Repair Centre, it will be repaired the majority of the time the same day by one of our repair technicians and sent back to you via a tracked, insured delivery service. Here's how it works:

  • 1. Go to quick-fixmobile.com and click Get started
  • 2. Book your Repair Select either iPhone or iPad and select your model that you require to be repaired. We'll give you an instant repair price so you know exactly what your repair will cost. Select the repair you require Enter your details and pay for the repair.
  • 3. Send your device to us Post your device off to our Repair Centre address.
  • 4. One of our repair technicians will test and repair your device.
  • 5. We then send it back to you via a Next Day Insured Delivery.

How much will it cost for my device to be fixed?

For a full list of our current mobile phone & tablet repair prices go to Quick-fixmobile.com and click 'Book a Repair'. Select your device and you will see the current repair prices that apply to your device.

Do you offer a warranty on repairs?

Yes. We offer a full, comprehensive 12 month warranty on all repairs. With the exception of water damaged devices please read terms and conditions.

What happens if you cannot repair my device? Will I still be charged?

We operate a No Fix, No Fee policy. If we cannot repair your device, you don't pay. With a Mail In repair, if we cannot repair your device we will refund you the cost of your repair if you have already prepaid for your device to be repaired. You just pay the postage charge to send it back to you as we send it by tracked & insured courier.

Our No Fix, No Fee policy does not apply to Water Damage repairs or any Diagnostic service. For more information about our water damage policy please see this FAQ: Water Damage Repairs.

Do you repair water damaged phones?

Yes. We offer a Water Damage repair service. Our water damage repair service aims to restore your device back to working order. This may include additional parts being fitted but we would contact yourselves prior to any other costs being incurred before we proceeded.All additional parts will be fitted at a discounted rate as your device will already be stripped down so a charge for parts only will be applied. One of our skilled repair technicians will strip down your device, put it through a chemical cleaning / drying process and then re-build & test your device. Warning - due to the nature of water damage not all devices can be repaired as water sometimes renders them beyond repair. We will do everything possible to try to restore your device to a functional working order but we cannot guarantee success. In some instances, your device still might not work after we have carried out this repair. Therefore, the fee for this service is chargeable whether the device is repaired or not.

How long does a repair take?

For a Mail In repair, where you post your device to us, we aim to fix your device within 48 hours from when we receive it, but most are completed and sent back the same day. There are some repairs which can take longer these include motherboard repairs, software repairs and water damaged devices all of these can to up to 7-14 days. We then send your device back to you by Next Day Insured Delivery.

Do you use genuine Apple parts?

Apple themselves do not actually sell parts. For all our repairs we use the highest quality (AAA quality) non-branded parts made to the same specifications of Apple parts. We also offer a Comprehensive 12 Month Warranty on all repairs.

What devices do you repair?

We currently repair a range of makes and models from iPhone,Ipads,Samsung,Sony,HTC devices.
For a full list of the devices we repair go to the Book a Repair page.

Are all costs included?

Yes. The price you see, is the price you pay there's no hidden extras, the only exception to this rule is water damaged phones which may need additional parts after an initial assessment from one of our technician.

Will getting my device repaired void the manufacturer's warranty?

Yes it will void the manufacturer's warranty, but accidental damage is outside of the manufacturer's warranty anyway.

Is my data safe?

The repair should not in any way affect your data. However, as a precaution, we do advise all customers to backup their data before getting their device repaired. We cannot be held responsible for any loss of data due to repairs carried out on your device, please ensure any important data is backed up before the device is booked in.

What do I need to send with my phone?

You only need to send us your phone. We don't need the SIM card, charger or any other accessories. This is all explained as your book and purchase your repair.