What's New in iOS 13

Saturday 24th April 2021

What's New in iOS 13 Performance Improvements Dark Mode Sign In with Apple Other Privacy Features New Apps and App Updates Find My Photos Camera Maps Reminders Messages Contacts Notes Mail Apple News Safari Files Home and HomeKit Health App Other Major New Features Text Editing Siri Shortcuts QuickPath Keyboard Volume Interface Bedtime Improvements Game Controller Support Voice Control ARKit 3 Font Management Share Sheet Updates Screen Time Improvements NFC Hardware-Related Improvements AirPods HomePod CarPlay Hidden iOS Tips and Tricks iOS 13 How Tos iOS 13 Compatibility Release Date iOS 13 Timeline Apple introduced the newest version of its iOS operating system, iOS 13, on June 3 at the keynote event of the 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference. iOS 13 is a huge overhaul to iOS, with a long list of new features. First up, Apple continued on with its optimization trend introduced in iOS 12, making iOS 13 faster and more efficient than ever. App update times have improved, app launch times are two…

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How to stop your iPhone, iPad or Mac getting hacked

Thursday 12th December 2019

How to stop your iPhone, iPad or Mac getting hacked Apple has issued secuity updates for iPhone, iPad and Mac, without them your device could be at risk from hackers who could take control via malicious applications, over bluetooth, or even via FaceTime. By Karen Haslam | 23 Jan 19 macbook air 2018 lifestyle 0023 From time-to-time Apple is alerted to security issues and vulnerabilities by researchers. The company usually reacts pretty promptly, issuing a software update for Macs, iPad and iPhones (depending on the devices affected). For this reason it is wise to keep your Apple devices up-to-date if you wish to avoid running the risk of being hacked, although it has to be said, the risk is minor. On 22 January Apple issued…

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Tuesday 12th November 2019

The Huawei Mate X isn't going to be the first foldable phone to launch, but it might be the first you seriously consider paying gobs of money for in 2019. Its solid-feeling hinge allows this handset to fold up, transforming from full 8-inch tablet into a more-traditional-looking 6.6-inch and 6.38-inch smartphone with a screen on either side. It feels like you're holding the future in your hand, just know that your transformative euphoria over this phone comes at a very high price. FOR Folds with two large outer screens Expands into an 8-inch tablet Hinge feels solid in hand High-powered specs AGAINST Mid-crease occasionally reflects light Very expensive The Huawei Mate X is the foldable smartphone that our sci-fi imaginations dreamed up years ago, and it's came to life…

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